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From the comfort of your home look through our many items that you can install yourself or have your contractor install. All of our products are American Made and can be modified to fit your applicaltion if needed.

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Once you have found the perfect item/s, simply add the items to your cart and check out when you are ready using our secure link to PayPal.

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We will process your order and ship it out to you as soon as possible. Depending on the physical size of the order it may come via UPS delivery or common currier.

American Made Products

All of our products are made right here in the USA with Pride. We couple the finest raw materials and American craftsmanship to deliver the very best final product.

  • Supports Local Workers
  • Ensures the use of safe, lead free materials
  • Direct regulation from a US based company
  • Any issues are resolved easily with our company, Not a foreign entity.

In today’s economy it has become very easy for companies outside the US to manufacture and sell products all over the world. These products typically are not regulated and can contain dangerous components like lead and other toxins. Furthermore, once these companies have sold you the product you are not able to easily contact them with a problem. For these reasons and so many more, many people have begun to push for the purchasing of American Made Products and seeking out companies like ours.

Benefits of Ordering Online

There are many benefits to ordering online in todays economy:

  • Less time spent driving from store to store seeking what you want.
  • Saves lots of money on gas for your car to go store to store.
  • Avoid the crowd at the stores and focus on what you are shopping for.
  • Be able to compare many items and prices at the click of a button.

We all have so much that needs to be done and finding time to do it all as well as go shopping is even more stress. With the wonders of the internet and E-commerce we are able to shop online and find the exact items we want in as little time as possible. Finding things quicker, easier and without burning up gallons of gas is the smart way to shop.

You'll Be Glad You Ordered From Us!

All orders placed with us are given the special attention you deserve.

  • Items delivered as specified
  • Products double checked for damage Before leaving our facility
  • Quality of products held to high standard
  • Our staff and customer service personel are part of the package

When you order products from Innovative Builders you are getting not only a product that goes through several inspections to guarantee quality and accuracy of your order, but you are also getting our customer service staff and production employees as well. If your order arrives with a problem, we will fix it and make it right, that’s our promise to you.

We are ALWAYS here to help and answer your questions

We are always ready and able to answer all of your questions that you may have while shopping our site. Simply send us an email or call the toll free number during our normal business hours and we will assist you as quickly and efficiently as we can. Our number one goal is delivering the very best products and services available to YOU, the customer!